Fall 2009 Lab Schedule

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Thur 8/27/09 Map Projections, Datums, MGRS
Thur 9/3/09 GPS data point collection
Thur 9/10/09 (Early) Create database from GPS points
Thur 9/17/09 Maps of your home county
Thur 9/24/09 Vector GIS--joins and computations
Thur 10/1/09 Vector GIS--joins and computations continued
Thur 10/8/09 Vector GIS--registration and digitizing
Thur 10/15/09 Vector GIS--registration and digitizing continued 
Thur 10/22/09 Satellite classification
Thur 10/29/09 DEMs
Thur 11/5/09 Fire base camp
Thur 11/12/09 Sensor Coverage
Thur 11/19/09 Redistricting
Thur 12/3/09 NGA data
Thur 12/10/09 Project Presentations