SO432, GIS Fall 2009

Normandy Satellite Imagery

Objectives: This lab will teach you

For samples of what we will be doing, go to where you can see a sample registered map and file with the front lines.  You can also go to where there is file with daily locations for the divisions.

In the help file, select the Remote Sensing option on the far right of the home page.  On the bottom of the linked page are links to all the options you need.

Insure that you have downloaded the newest MICRODEM (do an update).

There is an option of the "File, Tools, Download data".  You must run it and do the following downloads:

Answer the following questions:

  1. We are missing Band 6.  Why do you think that will or will not be a problem?

  2. We have Band 8.  What are the characteristics of this band?  Is it a good tradeoff for missing Band 6?

  3. Create NDVI and NDWI images.  Do these do a good job of characterizing the terrain?  How many kinds of terrain does it look like there is?

  4. Do a supervised classification of the image.  Consider how many categories you want to have.

  5. Do a Laplacian of the Gaussian filter.  What is it picking up, and is it the black or the white that is more interesting?  (You might want to export this image to Google Earth, and see what is there.)

  6. Overlay the front lines you digitized, and then discuss what kind of terrain the Allies were trying to take on the day.