SO432 GIS Fall 2018

Course Project (10/11/18)

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Each student will prepare a final project .  This has the following objectives:

Examples of past projects.  The quality varies wildly, so insure that you look at several.  Each of the topics had the potential to be a good project.

The project should generally be in the United States, only because so much free data is available.  If approved by the instructor, a student might do a project elsewhere in the world, but you must be sure that you can find data.  Data from the US federal government uses standard formats and is easy to use.  Data from state and local governments varies in quantity, quality, and data format, and may not be readily usable.  If you want to use such data, you should see the instructor to determine the feasibility of what you want to do, and plan for extra time to get your data in an acceptable format.  You should start this project early.  You will be dealing with computers, and complex data.  The instructor is committed to helping you as much as necessary, but it is rather hard to solve the problems of  every student in the course the night before an assignment is due.

Student Requirements:

Possible Ideas

Critical Dates:

The help file for MICRODEM has detailed directions on which formats to download, and how to prepare the data for use.  The computer is very fussy, and you must pay attention to details .During project crunch time MICRODEM and the help file are updated almost daily to deal with issues that are coming up with various students getting data; if you are having problems, or suggestions about what would make your like easier, let me know--but don't wait until the last minute.

Sample Metadata.

This analysis used the following data:

Data Source Processing Notes
NED--the National Elevation Dataset downloaded as a Geotiff file. Used 1" because of the large size of the project area.
TIGER data for Black County Downloaded as shapefile Used for streams and political boundaries.
DOQQs for Black County Downloaded as MrSid compressed image files, and converted to JPEGs with the IrfanView program  
Roads for Black County Downloaded as e00 files, and converted to ArcView formats with the Import71 utility from ESRI, and converted to Shape files with ArcView 3.01.  Finally, they were converted from State Plane coordinates to latitude/longitude with MICRODEM. Much better detail than the Tiger roads.

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