Projects, Spring 2014



Map data exported Paper exported
BETZ WW2 Battles in Pacific        
ESPINO Hawaii surfing        
PAAP Fire Island and Hurricane Sandy Yes Yes
WYATT Patriot League Basketball Yes No
ENGEL Lakes of Oklahoma        
GOLDSTONE Men's track recruits Yes No (Word submitted)
HEDGCORTH Trails in the Shenandoah National Park. Yes Partly (no figures)
HOFFMAN Nassau county Yes No
JOHNSON Football recruiting by state Yes Yes
KAHLE lidar and Seaside NJ Not working No (Word submitted)
LORD Iowa tornadoes        
MILLER Change in the southern part of Long Island        
NORRIS Water polo players Yes Yes
TORRES Hawaii waterfalls Yes Yes
WERLING polar sea ice      
WOXBERG Anne Arundel County population Yes Yes
HAYES sea turtle movements Yes  
TALBOT monarch butterfly migration 1, monarchbutterfly migration 2 Yes No