SO432, GIS Fall 2008

Lab: Redistricting after the Census


Insure that you update both the program and help file, and are running 2008.11.18.

Download the new data set, Annapolis redistricting.

Prepare  a map with your proposed solution for the city council.  This should be a finished product that incorporates the elements of map design we have discussed.  You will be evaluated on the quality of your map, as well as the quality of solution in achieving the two goals.


Products to turn in:

Student Minority Council Districts
KUN D1 and D2
WIL D3 and D4
PEL D5 and D6
ASC D7 and D8
GAS D1 and D3
GRE D3 and D5
HIL D5 and D7
KEL D2 and D4
ODE D4 and D6
REI D6 and D8
RHI D1 and D4
SAU D2 and D5
ZIE D3 and D6
EBE D4 and D7
JUB D5 and D8
PAR D4 and D8
VAN D2 and D7