SO432--GIS Fall 2011 Syllabus

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Week Mon Tues (lab) Wed Coverage (readings list in course text) Lab (directions in course text) Additional Readings
1 22-Aug-11 23-Aug-11 24-Aug-11 Introduction and overview of GIS Introduction to GIS and Mapping.
Lab 1 due 0955 Tues 30 Aug
Talbot, 2004, Technology Review

Talbot, 2008, Technology Review

2 29-Aug-11 30-Aug-11 31-Aug-11 Basics of computer mapping Projections and Horizontal Datums

Lab 2 due 0955 Tues 13 Sept

3 5-Sep-11

Labor Day



7-Sep-11 Basics of computer mapping    
4 12-Sep-11 13-Sep-11 14-Sep-11 Types of digital data Maps of your home county  
5 19-Sep-11 20-Sep-11 21-Sep-11 Vector GIS basics Vector GIS--joins and computations  
6--Academic reserved, Exam Wed 26-Sep-11 27-Sep-11 28-Sep-11 Database design and creation Vector GIS--create a database
Lab 5 due 0955 Tues 4 Oct
7 3-Oct-11 4-Oct-11 5-Oct-11 Applications with vector data Redistricting
Lab 6 due 0955 Wed 12 Oct
8--Project topic sentence due 1630 Friday 10-Oct-11

Columbus Day

11-Oct-11 12-Oct-11 Digitizing Vector GIS--registration and digitizing  
9 17-Oct-11 18-Oct-11 19-Oct-11 Digitizing Vector GIS--registration and digitizing  
10--Project database structure due 1630 Friday 24-Oct-11 25-Oct-11 26-Oct-11 Raster GIS operations Raster GIS: zonal operations and map algebra  
11--Academic reserved, Exam Wed 31-Oct-11 1-Nov-11 2-Nov-11 GIS and the internet Web services Roush, 2005, Technology Review
12 7-Nov-11 8-Nov-11 9-Nov-11 GIS and remote sensing Satellite classification  
13--Project data listing due 1630 Friday 14-Nov-11 15-Nov-11 16-Nov-11 Digital Elevation Models DEMs  
14 21-Nov-11 22-Nov-11 23-Nov-11 LIDAR and Sonar point clouds Point clouds  
15 28-Nov-11 29-Nov-11 30-Nov-11 Examples Fire base camp  
16--Project due 1630 Tuesday 5-Dec-11 6-Dec-11 7-Dec-11 Conclusion and Review Sensor Coverage