Fall 2009 SO432, GIS

Short Exercise: Sensor Placement


Update your computer to get the latest MICRODEM and help file, which should be dated 2008.11.11 or later. 

Download the  new data files for Sensor Placement Exercise. (only available from USNA)

In the new help file, look up "Sensor placement" in the Table of Contents under Tutorials and labs, GIS.

You will use sensors with the following characteristics:

Open the DEM, and locate the international border.  You can note this as an artefact in the DEM, or overlay the state or county borders on the map.

Digitize the international border, with an area shape file.  You are creating a small area that covers the border so that you can determine the effectiveness of your sensor placement.

Place at least 10 sensors to attempt to cover the border.  Insure that you correctly

This exercise will be entirely individual effort, and will be due in class on Monday 16 November.  If not turned in at that time without previous authorization it will have a grade of 0. 

You will turn in: