Sidescan Search Analysis

SO432, GIS Fall 2008

We have sidescan survey records collected on a number of occasions in the past 6 years.  After you do an update on your PC, they will be in c:\sidescan\good_survey_lines.  You can view them with MICRODEM.  Follow the directions in the help file carefully; this option may not be as forgiving as some of the other options.

This lab will be done in groups of no more than three


Data: The files needed are available as a download within MICRODEM (SO432 Wrecks Lab), and will be placed in c:\mapdata\wrecks on the hard drive.

Manually create a CSV file with the wreck's location, and then plot it on the map. You will add the location of the wreck for each of the sidescan records which includes it, and an image (PNG fomrat) showing the sidescan wreck.

Period Group
14 Oct 2008 (8 lines)  
March 2002 (4 lines)  
9 Oct 2007 (7 lines)  
8 Nov 2006 (12 lines)  
7 March 2006 (8 lines)  
10 Oct 2006 (7 lines)  
19 Oct 1999 (5 lines)  

Create a second database file to have links to three images of the bottom that look distinctly different, and then populate it.  For this you might want to look at images from different areas, and not just the date you were assigned.



You are to create a single KMZ file with the following:

  1. An extract from Chart 11282 covering the region with these sidescan records.
  2. The location of the wreck from the NOAA database, and all records in the sidsecan for your assigned day.  This will have a sidescan image, and a the entries for the table above.
  3. Three locations in this area with different types of bottom, and a sidescan image illustrating what the bottom looks like.