SO432 Fall 1999 Quiz 1


(5) These equations describe the Mercator projection for a sphere. 

1.      Why do we need 4 equations?

2.      Can we show the poles on a Mercator projection?  Support your answer using the equations.

        x = R (l - lo)

        y = R ln(tan(p/4 + F/2)

        F = p/2 - 2 arctan(e-y/R)

        l = x/R + lo

 (5) This figure shows the variations in the Tissot indicatrix for a projection.  Could this be a Mercator Projection?  Defend your answer, explaining what the Tissot indicatrix shows.


(5) Define 5 of these terms:






        Portolan chart:


(3) Contrast three advantages/disadvantages between raster and vector data:

 (2) List two important historical advances in our ability to portray the earth of a piece of paper.