SO461 Lab, Fall 2013

DSDP/ODP Project


This will be an individual writing project.  All work will be your own. This will be due by 1330 next Thursday.

You will turn in the following:

We will perform this exercise as follows:


Google Earth files

Other Resources

Samples of DSDP/ODP reference citations:

Cotillon, P., Picard, A.,  and Tribovillard, N.,  2000, Compared cyclicity and diagenesis of two anoxic deposits in the Caribbean domain: The Pleistocene–Holocene of Cariaco Basin (Site 1002) and the Upper Cretaceous La Luna–Querecual Formation (North Venezuela), in Leckie, R.M., editor, Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Leg 165, Scientific results: College Station, Texas, Ocean Drilling Program, p. 125–140.

Dean, W.E., Arthur, M.A.,  and Stow, D.A.V., 1984, Origin and geochemistry of Cretaceous deep-sea black shales and multicolored claystones with emphasis on Deep Sea Drilling Project Site 530, southern Angola Basin, in Hay, W.W., Sibuet, J.-C., editors, Initial reports of the Deep Sea Drilling Project, Volume 75: Washington, D.C., Government Printing Office, p. 819–844.

Watkins, D.K., Shafik, S., and Shin, I.C., 1998, Calcareous nannofossils from the Cretaceous of the Deep Ivorian Basin, in Mascle, J., Lohmann, G.P., editors, Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific results, Volume 159: College Station, Texas, Ocean Drilling Program, p. 319–333.


You may find a suggested format online for the reference.  This will probably be close to our format, but they might use slightly different punctuation.


Region Student
Gulf of Mexico                                                            
East Coast Florida-Carolinas  
New York-New Jersey  
Spain to UK  
West of Spain  
Africa, 25-35 N  
Africa, 0-20 N  
Africa, 5-25 S  
Africa, below 30 S  
South America, Amazon mouth  
East side South America, 50-60 S  
Antarctica, 70 to 120 W  
Southeast of India  
NW of Australia  
Vicinity of Tasmania  
SE of New Zealand  
Equator near 160 W  
Center of Jurassic crust, N11, W160  
Vicinity of Marianas Trench  
Vicinity N31 W160  
Vicinity N40 W144  
Antactica, 70-110 east  
Vicinity -30S, 90E  
North of Hawaiian islands  
North of Panama  
N15, W57  
Africa S30, W2  
East of Newfoundland  
Between Labrador and Greenland  


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