SO461 Lab, Spring 2013

Lab: Earthquakes at Convergent Margins

Work in groups of 2 on this lab to collect data and figures. 

For the two locations on your assigned plate boundary, fill out the following table and collect graphics to back up your conclusions.  Place them in a PowerPoint, which you will brief at next week's lab.

Trench Name/Location  
Trench Dimensions (depth, width)  
Volcanoes, number and elevations  
Dip & Depth Benioff Zone  
Earthquake magnitudes  
Earthquake Distribution  
Convergence Rate and direction  
Age Subducting Crust  
Characteristics of overriding plate  
Sediment thickness in trench and forearc basin  

Location Zone Students
Aleutians, W155 and W175  
Andes  S8 and S20  
  S20 and S29.  
Central America N12 and N17.  
Indonesia E97 and E113  
Japan N35 and N45.  
  N45 and N55  
Mariana Trench N10 and N15  
  N15 and N20  
Tonga-Kermadoc Trench S10 and S20  

The MICRODEM help file has a topic "Subduction zone features" that links to directions on how to display the various features.