SO461 Fall 2014

Quiz 2 (Makeup)


The map to the left shows the orientations of three plate boundaries and their triple junction, with the velocity vectors in the MORVEL model.  The diagram to the right shows the velocities of the three plates in the MORVEL plate model. 

If the P1-P2 boundary is a trench, plate P1 subducts.

If the P3-P2 boundary is a trench, plate P2 subducts.

If the P3-P1 boundary is a trench, plate P1 subducts.


Determine the type of boundary for each of the three plate boundaries, and draw relative motion arrows on each.

Is the triple junction stable?

How will the triple junction migrate with respect to the three plates?



This is a TTF triple junction, for the Pacific,  Cocos, and North (or Central) American plate





The actual triple junction that inspired the problem.