SO461 Lab Syllabus--Fall 2013 (1/7/2013)

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These are old labs that were on the web.  New labs will be in the MICRODEM help file.

Labs with the word "Draft" on the title are subject to change before being assigned.

ues 08/26/08   Stereonet lab
Tues 09/02/08   Afar field trip
Tues 09/09/08   A deep field trip
Tues 09/16/08   Marine magnetic anomalies
Tues 09/23/08   DSDP/ODP Project
Tues 09/30/08   Plate rotations and magnetic anomalies
Tues 10/07/08   Sedimentation rates
Tues 10/14/08   YP Lab (sidescan and subbottom)
Tues 10/21/08   Triple junctions
Tues 10/28/08   Sediment size distributions
Tues 11/04/08   Seismic reflection lab 
Tues 11/11/08 Veteran's Day  
Tues 11/18/08   YP Lab (sediment sampling)
Tues 11/25/08   HOL--Sediment size distributions
Tues 12/02/08  

Earthquake/ Features at Convergent Margins

Marine geophysics  

Tues 12/09/08