SO461 Lab, Fall 2008

Stereo Net Lab



  1. Understand the concepts for dip and strike
  2. Plot a plane on a stereo net
  3. Determine the dip and strike of a plane from its projection.
  4. Plot a line on a stereo net.
  5. Determine the orientation of a line from its projection.
  6. Understand how we can use a line (the pole) to represent a plane.




         Equal area, Lambert Azimuthal, Schmidt

         Equal angle, Stereographic, Wulff







Normally use equatorial equal area net, lower hemisphere


Definitions you should understand:


Plot the following planes on your stereo net, along with their poles:


Plot the following lines on your stereo net:


Determine the orientations of the following planes on the stereonet:

Determine the orientation of the line where these two planes intersect: