SO503 Spring 2012

Government Environmental Data


In Physics Today for March 2012, Lubchenco and Karl discuss predicting and managing extreme weather events.  You are to write a discussion of the paper, and evaluate at NOAA or USGS data sources on the web for their relevance in supplying data.  Pick 4 of the problems listed in the table below.

You will include an abstract of no more than 100 words (write carefully, and make every word count), references in the correct format to the  Lubchenco and Karl paper and the web sites, and should discuss the formats of the data and how you think you would get them into Matlab or the GIS program (which would like shapefiles, KML/KMZ files, or Geotiffs).

You can find websites in the Lubchenco and Karl paper, the MICRODEM help file, or using Google.

Environmental Problem Web Site Data suitable for import and analysis with Matlab Data suitable for import and analysis with GIS
Sea level rise