SO503 Honors Modern Methods

Spring 2017

Lab 1: The Spreadsheet, Filtering, GPS

  Lab Objectives:

  1.  Learn how to import an ASCII text file into the spreadsheet and use it for numerical calculations. Understand the two ways ASCII files can be arranged (fixed width and delimited).

  2.  Know how to use if and trig functions (radians and quadrants for inverse functions) in the spreadsheet.

  3. Get time into a useful format for numerical computations.

  4. Understand one dimensional numerical filtering.

  5. Consider how directional data is different from other numerical data.

  6. Learn something about GPS data and the Mercator projection.

Background Reading Online.

The data files you need are called norm_gps_1.txt and norm_gps_2.txt.

These two files are taken with a small data logger which we are evaluating for use in a research project tracking wildlife.  We want to answer the following questions:

 This lab will be individual effort; you will document on the write-up any assistance you receive (if none, explicitly state).

Due in the Blackboard assignment dropbox (e.g. YourName_Lab1_gps_speed.doc) as specified on the syllabus:

General guidance:

1.  These directions are not a cookbook for how to do the lab.  Learning to think is probably the most important thing you will get from your education here at USNA, and this course in particular.  If you have problems, see me before you spin you wheels forever.

2.  The discussion is designed to make you think.  Your thought process is as important as the "correct" answer, which we will go over eventually.