SO503 Honors Modern Methods

Spring 2017

Lab 2: Matlab Does Lab 1

  Lab Objectives:

  1.  Repeat Lab 1 using Matlab

 The data files you need are called norm_gps_1.txt and norm_gps_2.txt.  These are the same files we used in Excel. You are not to import the Excel workbook, but use the data import option in Matlab, so you know how it works.  After this lab you can import Excel files if you want.

There is a Matlab m file norm_gps.m.  It "works" at least enough to get you started.  It is usually easier to modify a working program to make it do what you want, rather than starting to program from scratch. You are responsible for verifying that any numbers it computes are in fact correct, for example by comparing them to what you got with Excel.  If you prefer you can start with a blank m file.

Lab two notes:

You must:

Due  in the Blackboard dropbox: