SO503 Honors Modern Methods

Spring 2005

Lab 2: MS Word



1.      Understand the use of ASCII text for transfer of information.

2.      Learn the following features of the word processor: importing graphics, table creation, equation editor, figure captions, and using symbols.

3.      Consider how to deal with vector quantities like wind or current speeds.

 The file WPLAB.DAT (on the J: drive in D10, and on the course WWW site) contains two data sets, done in an unknown word processor.  The person who prepared the data sets did not transform the file to ASCII text, so you will have to deal with the resulting mess.  This is a lesson to you that if you are unsure of the word processor that will be used at the other end, send an ASCII text file.  You will have to import the files into an editor (you can use NotePad, WordPad, or the word processor) to see what is going on).

 You will turn in the following, all printed from Word:

The figures will be numbered Fig.1, Fig.2, etc., and will be referenced in your text discussion, as well as having captions.

You will have the degree symbol º (not a superscript 0) used prominently.

Very handy Word Processor tricks: 

Save a file from the WWW