In Class Exercise 2, Spring 2012

1.  Download the tide data for 2011 for the Annapolis tide gauge from NOAA (original link now broken).  Get hourly data, referenced to NAVD, in meters.  Create the following with the data set:

2.  Get this file with the highest tide level in each month from the Annapolis tide gauge.  The has done linear interpolation through the gaps that exist in the record.  Use it, and the record you created for the Annapolis temperature anomalies, to run a cross correlation to see if they are related. 

3.  Is the increase in flooding due solely to sea level rise?  Adjust the past monthly values upward to account for the annual rise in sea level, and compare the number of maximums over 1 m using the measured data, and with your adjusted values.  What we are looked for here is if the same meteorological conditions that occurred in 1928 took place today, we would get more flooding because sea level has risen.  We are trying to see if that accounts for the increased frequency of flooding events, or if the weather has changed in addition to sea level rising.

If you have any problems with a requirement, document what they are, how you might be able to proceed around the problem, and move on.