SO503 Honors Modern Methods

Spring 2017

Lab 4: Wind and Storm Surge

  Lab Objectives:

  1. Call function in external file to make a stick/tadpole plot.

  2. Create a table, with formatted print statements (precursor to writing text files).

  3. Calculate regression statistics.

There are two Matlab m files tadpole.m. and sticks.m.   These must go into the same directory, and you cannot rename sticks.m  Sticks.m was found with a quick google search.

Get the following data.  You should insure that you get data in Local Standard time.  You should also only use data for the last week in January 2016 (20-31), unless you want the additional complexity of having to come up with a time measure that spans two months.

Cape May New Jersey--they just saw their record storm surge

You can do any required manipulations of the data file you download in either Matlab or Excel , but the requirements listed below must be done in Matlab and your code must show how they were done.  This data set is relatively short, but your program should be prepared to handle a much larger data set.

Due in the Blackboard dropbox, in a single Word Document.  See the date on the syllabus.  I will grade this and return it before the exam, since these Matlab skills are testable.

Data sets used in previous years, with links to the web sites with data: 

Annapolis data 

Boston data