SO503 Honors Modern Methods

Spring 2017

Lab 5: Cross Correlation

  Lab Objectives:

  1. Resample a series.

  2. Perform a cross correlation, understanding the concept of lag.

  3. Divide a vector into x and y components.

  4. Use a loop to find the maximum value and where it occurs in the series.

  5. Do a double loop

There is a  Matlab m file xcorr_lab.m and a data set time_tide_weather.csv which show you how to resample a series and perform a cross correlation.  There is a function linear_reinterpolate.m if you do not like what is built into Matlab.  There is also a function to deal with NaN in your input files.

Take an 8-10 day subset of the data you used in the previous lab.  You want a time period with a good storm.

Reinterpolate the storm surge (6 minute data) and continuous wind (10 minute data) from the data sources from Lab 4 to a common sampling interval.  This has several subtasks:

You can do any required manipulations of the data file in either Matlab or Excel , but the requirements listed below must be done in Matlab and your code must show how they were done.  This data set is relatively short, but your program should be prepared to handle a much larger data set.

General Matlab tips and resources.

Due in the Blackboard dropbox, in a single Word Document, with your last name as the first element: