SO503 Paper

Each student will prepare a paper that could be the background  for a research project that would be completed during 1/C year (you are not committed to actually performing this research, but are reminded that honors students are required to complete a research project, and that most of our better non-honors majors also complete a project).  Any work you do on this paper will hopefully help jump start your work next year.  Alternatively, you can pick any totally random topic that meets the requirements below.  The research proposal will consist of:

The paper will follow the Oceanography Department style, available on the WWW.  There are two checklists for the references and the overall layout) which you should carefully check at least twice: (1) before you start writing, and (2) before you submit, so you can catch any details you studiously avoided while writing the paper.

Critical dates for the paper will be listed on the course syllabus.

Last Update: 1/9/2017