SO503 Spring 2012 Syllabus

We will use EOS as the source for many of the readings for the course, and this syllabus will be updated as the semester progresses.

Tues 10-Jan-12     Course Introduction  
Wed 11-Jan-12     Lab 1 starts
  • ASCII files
  • Types on the computer
  • Filtering and smoothing
  • Trig on the computer
  • If-then-else
Tues 17-Jan-12 Lab   Lab 1 continues  
Wed 18-Jan-12     Lab 1 finishes  
Mon 23-Jan-12   Schulz research  Visit these web sites, and come to class ready to discuss the functions of a scientific society:

  • Discuss the role of scientific professional societies in holding meetings, publishing papers, and publishing newsletters.
  • Describe the funding of scientific research with grants, and the difference between "hard" and "soft" money.
  • Understand the role of "big science" versus individual research projects.
  • Know the major funding agencies for earth sciences: NSF and ONR, and the difference between NRL and ONR.
  • Tues 24-Jan-12 Lab Petruncio research MatLab version of Lab 1    
    Wed 25-Jan-12     MatLab version of Lab 1    
    Mon 30-Jan-12   (1320 Lee) Muller research Anatomy of a Scientific Paper


    • Discuss the parts of a scientific paper
    • Discuss the citation style used in science, and the preponderance of journal articles in the references cited
    • Discuss the weaving of geology, biology, climatology, and GIS in this paper's tracing of past climates and snakehead distribution.
    • Paper analysis checklists
    Tues 31-Jan-12 Lab Anderson (EE) (1510 Steppe research)   GIS version of Lab 1    
    Wed 01-Feb-12     Guth research   GIS version of Lab 1    
    Mon 06-Feb-12           Lecture comp time    
    Tues 07-Feb-12 Lab       MatLab Wind
    • Using functions
    • Create Tables
    • Correlation coefficient and regression
    Wed 08-Feb-12             MatLab Wind    
    Mon 13-Feb-12         EOS--bring recent issues


    Tues 14-Feb-12 Lab In class Matlab exercise  
    Wed 15-Feb-12     Henderson research Time series analysis
    • Understand the definition of a time series.
    • Know the use of filtering, detrending, and anomaly computation
    • Understand the use of cross correlation.
    • Interpret a correlogram, in terms of time series periodicity and what the lags mean.
    Tues 21-Feb-12 Lab     Matlab Cross Correlation Cross correlation, making a table (fprintf), finding the max/min
    Wed 22-Feb-12         Matlab Cross Correlation  
    Mon 27-Feb-12     Matlab Cross Correlation  
    Tues 28-Feb-12 Lab   BWI, NAO, SOI in Matlab  
    Wed 29-Feb-12     BWI, NAO, SOI in Matlab Matlab hints:
    • .mat to save
    • Figure(1) and so on
    • Name scripts so if you email them you don't need the folder
    • Use external hard drive (but know it can be slow)
    • Matlab 2011 removes _ on data import (but is otherwise nicer)
    • Know where to look up a working loop, if statement, fprintf
    • if case within loop
    Mon 05-Mar-12     Web searches Understand the advantages of Web of Science compared to other online databases
    Tues 06-Mar-12 Lab   Matlab and Lidar Point Clouds  
    Wed 07-Mar-12 Paper topic (2-3 sentences) due before Friday at 1200 Matlab and Lidar Point Clouds    
    Mon 19-Mar-12       Government environmental data  
    Tues 20-Mar-12 Lab    Government environmental data  
    Wed 21-Mar-12      Government environmental data    
    Mon 26-Mar-12     Scientific Graphics  
    Tues 27-Mar-12 Lab   Coastal Flooding  
    Wed 28-Mar-12     Coastal Flooding  
    Mon 02-Apr-12      
    Tues 03-Apr-12 Lab Exam 2: In class Matlab exercise    
    Wed 04-Apr-12      
    Mon 09-Apr-12   Annotated reference list due GIS basics  
    Tues 10-Apr-12 Lab   Greenland: the directions are in the MICRODEM help file (update).  
    Wed 11-Apr-12

    Mon 16-Apr-12     CTD data plots
    • parse data file
    • str2num
    • Triple loop
    Tues 17-Apr-12 Lab
    Wed 18-Apr-12
    Mon 23-Apr-12
    Tues 24-Apr-12 Lab
    Wed 25-Apr-12
    Mon 30-Apr-12 Paper due
    Tues 01-May-12 Lab
    TBA Final Exam