SO503 Spring 2013 Syllabus

We will use EOS as the source for many of the readings for the course, and this syllabus will be updated as the semester progresses.

Tues 1/8/13   Course Introduction  
Wed 1/9/13    Lab 1 starts
  • ASCII files
  • Types on the computer
  • Filtering and smoothing
  • Trig on the computer
  • If-then-else
Mon 1/14/13 Lab 1 continues  
Tues 1/15/13   Lab 1 finished  
Wed 1/16/13   Visit these web sites, and come to class ready to discuss the functions of a scientific society:

  • Discuss the role of scientific professional societies in holding meetings, publishing papers, and publishing newsletters.
  • Describe the funding of scientific research with grants, and the difference between "hard" and "soft" money.
  • Understand the role of "big science" versus individual research projects.
  • Know the major funding agencies for earth sciences: NSF and ONR, and the difference between NRL and ONR.
  • Tues 1/22/13   MatLab version of Lab 1  
    Wed 1/23/13   MatLab version of Lab 1  
    Mon 1/28/13   Anatomy of a Scientific Paper
    • Discuss the parts of a scientific paper
    • Discuss the citation style used in science, and the preponderance of journal articles in the references cited
    • Discuss the weaving of geology, biology, climatology, and GIS in this paper's tracing of past climates and snakehead distribution.
    • Paper analysis checklists
    Tues 1/29/13   GIS version of Lab 1  
    Wed 1/30/13   EOS  
    Mon 2/4/13   MatLab Wind Using functions
    Tues 2/5/13   MatLab Wind  
    Wed 2/6/13   MatLab Wind  
    Mon 2/11/13   Time series analysis
    • Understand the definition of a time series.
    • Know the use of filtering, detrending, and anomaly computation
    • Understand the use of cross correlation.
    • Interpret a correlogram, in terms of time series periodicity and what the lags mean.
    Tues 2/12/13 Ray Lee: 1345, Steppe Matlab Cross Correlation Cross correlation, making a table (fprintf), finding the max/min
    Wed 2/13/13 In class Matlab exercise    
    Tues 2/19/13   Matlab Cross Correlation  
    Wed 2/20/13   Matlab Cross Correlation  
    Mon 2/25/13   Matlab Cross Correlation  
    Tues 2/26/13   BWI, NAO, SOI in Matlab  
    Wed 2/27/13   BWI, NAO, SOI in Matlab  
    Mon 3/4/13      
    Tues 3/5/13 Paper topic (2-3 sentences) due before Friday at 1200 Matlab and Lidar Point Clouds  
    Wed 3/6/13  
    Mon 3/18/13   CTD data plots
    • Reading ("parsing") a text file
    • Contouring
    Tues 3/19/13   CTD data plots
    Wed 3/20/13   CTD data plots
    Mon 3/25/13
    Tues 3/26/13
    Wed 3/27/13
    Mon 4/1/13 Annotated reference list due.  Certify that the format from one of your classmates is correct.
    Tues 4/2/13 Exam 2: In class Matlab exercise (1 hr)
    Wed 4/3/13  
    Mon 4/8/13
    Tues 4/9/13 Ice Goat meets Moby Dick
    Wed 4/10/13
    Mon 4/15/13
    Tues 4/16/13 Hyperspectral Imagery
    Wed 4/17/13
    Mon 4/22/13
    Tues 4/23/13 Earth Day Challenge
    Wed 4/24/13 Paper due
    Mon 4/29/13
    Tues 4/30/13   Matlab
    TBA Final Exam