SO503 Exam 2, Spring 2017

All work on this exam is individual. You may use any materials (books, notes, computers, calculators, web sites), but you may not use email, IM, texting, talking, or any other physical or electronic means to communicate with other individuals either local or remote.

Get this data file with earthquake data for the Tohuku earthquake in Japan.  The original source of the data is at

There are other sources of earthquake data that would be easier to use; this format has detailed information on the geometry of the fault surface and provides a wealth of information for plate tectonics (and SO461 if you were to take it and come to  love beach balls).

Here is a description of the ndk format.  Note that each earthquake has five lines of data, and you only need a few of the values.

Do the following, all in Matlab code (your code should work with another file with >40K earthquakes).  I should be able to take your code and reproduce the results by only changing the name of the input file.  You can make a single m-file, or different files for the different requirements.

Turn in: