SO503 Spring 2001

Test 2


Exam makeup


           6 at 5 points each     30   __________

Short answer:

         7 at 10 points each      70   __________


     Total                       100   __________


Definitions: answer with no more than a single sentence 6 of the 8 definitions.

Short Answer: The questions should be answered with several sentences (no more than a short paragraph).  You must answer four of the six questions.


Definitions:  Define 6 of the following 8 terms with one or two complete sentences.



Short Answer.  Answer 7 of the 8 short answer questions on these pages.


1.  These two figures show two trend surfaces.  Discuss:

·        what the trend surface attempts to model

·        the difference in the two surfaces

·        which would have the higher rē value, and why.

  2.  What parameters of oceanographic/meteorological interest can a radar altimeter determine?  Discuss how each is determined.

3.  U.S. radar altimeters have used periods of 10 and 17 days.  Discuss the tradeoffs for the collection of oceanographic data when choosing between these two periods.

4.  These two diagrams show different contourings of the same data set.  What options are available for contouring data, and how do you think they were chosen for these two data sets?

5.  We have discussed several papers attempting to create time series of environmental variables.  Why, for practical and not just scientific reason, do we want to determine these histories back into the past?

6.  This diagram shows a power spectrum.  Why is this performed, and what does this example show?


 7.  This diagram shows the recent history of Mount Rainer.  How does it show the nature of the dangers there? (Graph showing a time line of Mount Rainier).

8.  What do these two graphs show?  What techniques were used to create them?  Why were both included in the same paper? (Graphs from an EOS paper on using tree rings to estimate salinity in the San Francisco Bay).