SO503 Honors Modern Methods

Spring 2004 Test 1



Definitions 4 @ 5 points 20  
Short answer 6 @ 10 points 60  
Total   80  



Definitions: answer with no more than one or two sentence.


Short Answer: The questions should be answered with a short paragraph.


Note that on both the definitions and short answer you have a choice of which questions to answer.



Definitions: Define 4 of the following 5 terms with one or two complete sentences.



        Soft money:





Short Answer. Answer 6 of the 8 short answer questions on this and the following pages.



1.  Why did you join the AGU?  Why do they provide a special rate for students, and how does that fit into their overall mission?


2.  What is the difference between ONR and NRL, and which more closely resembles NSF?  Why?


3.  Why are publications and presentations important in science?


4.  Some people think a filter solves any problem.  Use the following two filters on the series below:     


1/3 1/3 1/3


-1 3 -1



4 6 8 4 2 1 1 3


What is the purpose of a filter, and how do these two filters differ?



5.  If you are looking at a science paper to determine its relevance to your research, which part(s) should you look at first?  Which can you afford to skim?  Why?


6.  Discuss the scientific findings in the paper on the Nile River, and why they think their results are important.


7.  Why are micro-organisms in the Arctic important for climate?


8.  What is the importance of the new earthquake data from the Mid Atlantic Ridge?