SO503 Honors Research Methods

Spring 2008 Test 1



Short answer

4 @ 25 points









Answer 4 of the 5 questions.



1.  The figure above shows a data series with two filters applied.  One is a median filter, and the other a mean filter, both with 11 terms.  Identify the three series and state the purpose of a filter, and how these two filters vary.


2  What are the differences among ONR, NSF, and NRL?



3.  Should scientific journals be free, or should we be willing to pay for peer review?



4.  This ad ran in EOS on 12 Feb 2007.  What are the key things that the oceanography department was looking for in terms of a scientific career?

5.  What is the significance of the 2004 Sumatra earthquake, in terms of its magnitude and it impact of people in the region?