SO503 Honors Modern Methods

Spring 2010 Test 2



Short answer

4 @ 20 points




5 @ 4 points









Answer all 4 of the five short answer questions, and 5 of the 6 definitions.


Do not discuss this exam until all students in the course have completed it.


Definitions: define 5 of the following terms:



Why are the Stefan–Boltzmann law and Wien's displacement law important for remote sensing?   most skips

Why do scientists want to study the gravity of the Dead Sea Rift?

What is ACE, and how can it help us better understand cyclone genesis?

The graph above shows the reflectance for three different types of vegetation.  How could you tell them apart from space?  Which would be better for this task, multi-spectral or hyperspectral imagery?






This image (from EOS, April 2010, and similar to the one above) has 250 m pixels, but a two day revisit time.  Is it better than the Landsat TM sensor, which has 30 m pixels and a 16 day revisit time?  Discuss any tradeoffs.  has near daily imagery


Wondrous students facts:

Student suggested questions:



Geranium Petunia Platycodon
Highest reflectance IR, lowest VIS Large Peak around 450

Lowest in IR

Peak around 550

Images from wikipedia

 ( had marijuana reflectance spectrum)