Polar Sea Ice

SO503 Lab, Spring 2017


This data set comes from http://seaice.alaska.edu/gi/data/whaleshipdata where it was an Excel spreadsheet.  It has been exported as a "Formatted text (space delimited) PRN" file, and lines with NaN removed.  The web site explains how the data is coded.

Papers on this data: 

Code to show

% open file to write

%Extract only lines matching parameter to new file

Very rough code to demonstrate several concepts

% strcat to make a file name
% keeping track of the loop progress by writing a counter to the command console
% creating figures in a loop 
% fgetl (file get line), which goes into a string
% extracting a substring, and converting substring to a number
% writing a string to a file

You are to do all operations in Matlab using code and use only the file opening and reading operations.  The purpose of this lab is to teach you to read and write to files; you are not to import the file.  If you want I will give you a file that is too big to import, and it will take much longer.

Your goal is to make: