SO461 Sunny/Rainy Day Exercise

Fall 2004


Discuss the history of the African plate in the region between N10 and S30, and E20 to E60. The island of Madagascar lies in the center of this region.  Discuss the present situation, and any differences you can see in the past.


Option 1: Consider at least two data sets in MICRODEM:

                    Predicted ages of the seafloor

                    Predicted bathymetry.

You can also overlay any of the other data if that will help.


Option 2: Use the two color images below.

Discuss both what happened, and what evidence you see in the data to support your interpretations.  This should be a serious effort showing some thought and understanding.  The actual answer is much less important than a coherent discussion of what the two data sets show.

This will be individual work.  You can use the book, your notes, and the MICRODEM program.  You can surf the web for inspiration or answers.  You can either turn in the assignment on paper, or electronically if you want to include color graphics. It is due at the end of the class period.