The links below are to the original 24-bit digital images reproduced as Figs. 14-17 in
Raymond L. Lee, Jr., "Mie theory, Airy theory, and the natural rainbow," Applied Optics, v. 37 # 9 (20 March 1998), pp. 1506-1519. {download PDF file}

Airy PRIMARY bows (Fig. 14)
Mie PRIMARY bows (Fig. 15)

Airy secondary bows (Fig. 16)
Mie secondary bows (Fig. 17)

The RGB-chromaticity mapping in these 24-bit images is for Sony Trinitron phosphors, with each color channel having a gray-level gamma of 1.8. (This mapping was specifically developed for an Apple 13" High Resolution RGB monitor.) If your monitor/video driver combination differs substantially from this, the map colors and luminances that you see may be perceptibly different from those that I modeled.

The following links are to the original gray-scale images of Figures 2-4 in
Raymond L. Lee, Jr., "Digital imaging of clear-sky polarization," Applied Optics, v. 37 # 9 (20 March 1998), pp. 1465-1476. {download PDF file}

Figure 2, Figure 3, Figure 4

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