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Prof. Daryl J. Hartley

Chapter 2:

Cow on Skates:

Moon Hammer vs. Feather:

Chapter 4:

Gun vs. Moving Target:

Mythbusters: What happens when you shoot a cannonball at 60 mph in the opposite direction of the cannon moving at 60 mph?:

Chapter 5:

Newton's 3rd Law:

Another Newton's 3rd Law:

Chapter 6:

Mythbusters: Phone Book vs. Static Friction:

The Rotor:

Star Wars Banked Turns:

Chapter 8:

Conservation of Energy - Spring-Mass System:

How Much Do You Believe in the Conservation of Energy?:

Chapter 9:

Center of Mass Motion:

Diet Coke + Mentos = Lots of Fun:

Bad Movie Physics:

The Noisy Cricket:

Newton's Cradle:

Chapter 11:

Shape Races:

Helicopter Accident:

Chapter 13:

Drawing an Ellipse:

Kepler's 3rd Law:

Chapter 14:

Archimedes' Principle:

Why Things Float:

Chapter 15:

SHM and Uniform Circular Motion:

Tacoma Narrows Bridge:

Chapter 16:

Longitudinal vs. Transverse Waves:

Longitudinal Waves:

Guitar String Physics:

Reflected Waves:

Standing Waves:>

Standing Waves in USNA Wave Tank:

Chapter 17:

The Doppler Effect:

Big Band Theory Doppler Effect:

Sonic Booms: h ttp://

More Sonic Booms:

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