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Joel S. Helton, Associate Professor

Lesson 1: The Charge Model

Lesson 2: Coulomb's Law

Lesson 3: The Electric Field 

Lesson 4: Lecture Slides

Lesson 5: Disks and Rings of Charge

Lesson 6: Point Charges and Dipoles in an Electric Field

Lesson 7: Flux, Symmetry, and Gauss’s Law

Lesson 8: Applying Gauss’s Law

Lesson 9: Electric Potential Energy

Lesson 10: Electric Potential

Lesson 11: Lecture Slides

Lesson 12: Potential and Field

Lesson 13: Capacitors

Lesson 14: Energy Stored in a Capacitor, Dielectrics

Lesson 15: Current

Lesson 16: Resistance and Resistivity

Lesson 17: Lecture Slides

Lesson 18: Lecture Slides

Lesson 19: Lecture Slides

Lesson 20: RC Circuits

Lesson 21: Biot-Savart Law

Lesson 22: Magnetic Fields due to Currents

Lesson 23: Ampere's Law

Lesson 24: Magnetic Force

Lesson 25: The Magnetic Force on a Moving Charge Part 1   Part 2

Lesson 26: Forces and Torques on Wires

Lesson 27: Induced Currents, Magnetic Flux

Lesson 28: Lenz’s Law and Faraday’s Law

Lesson 29: Induced Fields

Lesson 30: Inductors

Lesson 31: LC Circuits

Lesson 32: LR Circuits

Lesson 33: Maxwell’s Equations

Lesson 34: Properties of EM Waves, Polarization

Lesson 35: Properties of EM Waves, Polarization

Lesson 36: Interference and Diffraction Gratings

Lesson 37: Diffraction from Slits

Lesson 38: Reflection and Refraction

Lesson 39: Thin Lenses 

Lesson 40: Images from Spherical Mirrors


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