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Timothy Shivok (LCDR, Retired)

χαλεπὰ τὰ καλά – “Naught without labor.”

Welcome to my SP211/212 website.

Common Abbreviations on quizzes and their meaning:
B.O.D  Benefit of Doubt  (I think you know what you’re doing, but I can’t tell for sure)
V.B.B.O.D. Very Big  Benefit of Doubt   
E.C.F Error Carried Forward
C.E. Concept Error
M.C.E. Major Concept Error
M.E. Math Error
B.M.S. Be More Specific
A.T.Q.  or  A.T.Q.A. Answer the Question or Answer the Question Asked
B.Z. Bravo Zulu (good job!)

 Standard EI Times outside of normal working hours: Wednesday evenings 19:00-21:00, and Sunday evenings 19:00-21:00. Best to make an appointment if outside these times.


                                                       Physics I


(Fall 2016)



Course Standing Orders


Course Schedule (Rev 8/19/16)

Exam Breakdown Plan (Draft)

SP211 Equation Sheet

(draft as of May 2016)




(Due Thursday's and Monday's)

1) Measurement

CH1-Structured Notes

Assignment #1

2) Kinematics

CH2-Structured Notes

Lab 1-1D-Kinematics-Instructions

LoggerPro --Install Instructions

Assignment #2

Lab 1-Pre-Lab-Assignment

3) Vectors

CH3-Structured Notes 

Assignment #3 

4) 2D/3D Kinematics

CH4-Structured Notes 

Lab 2 - 2D Kinematics-Instructions 

Assignment #4a

Assignment #4b

Assignment #4c

Lab 2-Pre-Lab-Assignment (Lab on 9/15)

Lab 2-Spreadsheet

5) Force and Motion I

(Newton's Laws and 

Free Body Diagrams)

CH5 - Structured Notes

Lab 3- Newton's Laws -Instructions

Assignment #5a

Assignment #5b

Assignment #5c

Lab 3-Pre-Lab-Assignment 

Lab 3-Spreadsheet

6) Force and Motion II 


CH6-Structured Notes

Lab 4 -Uniform Circ Mot.-Instructions

Uncertainty "Rules of Thumb"

Assignment #6a

Assignment #6b

Lab 4-Pre-Lab-Assignment

Lab 4-Spreadsheet

Practice Exam I

Answers (not solutions) for Practice Exam I 

7) Kinetic Energy and Work

CH7-Structured Notes

Assignment #7

8) Potential NRG & Conserv.

CH8-Structured Notes

Lab 5-Work & Energy-Instructions

Assignment #8

Lab 5-Pre-Lab-Assignment

Lab 5-Programmed Spreadsheet

9) C.O.M. and Collisions

CH9-Structured Notes

Lab 6-Moment & Collisions-Instructions

Lab 7- 2D Collisions-Instructions

Assignment #9a

Assignment #9b

Lab 6-Pre-Lab-Assignment

Lab 7-Pre-Lab-Assignment

10) Rotation

CH10-Structured Notes

Lab 8-Rotational Kinet NRG-Instructions


Assignment #10a

Assignment #10b

Assignment #10c

Assignment #10d

Lab 8-Pre-Lab-Assignment

Lab 8-Pre-Lab Spreadsheet 

Lab 8-Spreadsheet for Lab

11) Rolling, Torque, Ang Mom.

CH11-Structured Notes

Assignment #11a

Assignment #11b

Practice Exam II
Answers (not solutions) to PE2
13) Gravitation CH13-Structured Notes

Assignment #13

14) Fluids

CH14-Structured Notes

Assignment #14a

Assignment #14b

15) Oscillations

CH15-Structured Notes

Lab 9 -SHM & Pendulums-Instructions


Assignment #15a

Assignment #15b

Assignment #15c

Lab 9-PreLab-Assignment

Lab 9-Spreadsheets A&B, C

16) Waves - I

CH16-Structured Notes

Lab 10 -Standing Waves-Instructions

Assignment #16a

Assignment #16b

Lab 10-PreLab-Assignment

Lab 10-Spreadsheet

17) Waves - II

CH17-Structured Notes

Assignment #17

Practice Exam III

Answers (not solutions) to PE3

Final Exam: December 17th @ 13:30. Room CH-157.

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