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Jeff Vanhoy

Jeff Vanhoy

TUNL/Duke University

Department of Physics
572C Holloway Road
United States Naval Academy
Annapolis, MD 21402-5026
email: vanhoy AT
Office: 410-293-none
Lab: 410-293-4606
Fax: 410-293-3729

Jeff Vanhoy

I am a native of the NW Piedmont of North Carolina. Stimulated by the Gemini and Apollo space programs and the James Bond movies, I became a mad scientist at a young age and eventually evolved into an accelerator-based nuclear physicist. I joined the faculty at the Naval Academy in August 1989.  My hobbies include woodworking, depression glass collecting, genealogy of northeastern Forsyth family groups, sporting clays, and hunting various things.  I've taught SP211 and SP212 (Intro Physics), SP301 (Modern Physics for General Science), the Quantum Mechanics courses SP324 and SP425, SP434 (Nuclear Physics) for quite a few moons.


  • SP211 Introduction to Physics I
  • SP212 Introduction to Physics II
  • SP301 Modern Physics
  • SP324 Applications of Quantum Mechanics with Advanced Lab I
  • SP425 Quantum Mechanics II with Advanced Lab II
  • SP434 Nuclear Physics

Current research interests and activities

  • Student's Research Projects
  • Research Activities National Science Foundation
  •     Nuclear Structure and Spectroscopy
  •     Undergraduate Teaching with Accelerators
  •     Ion Beam Analysis
  • Listing of Academic Ancestors
  • Radiation Safety Info
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