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Jeff Vanhoy


I had two research advisors in graduate school.  Their lineage is given below.

Jeffrey Vanhoy

Gary E Mitchell Edward G Bilpuch 1927-2012
PhD UNC-Chapel Hill 1956
BS UNC-Chapel Hill 1950
Director of Triangle Universities Nuclear Lab
Proton-induced resonance reactions.
Leo James Rainwater 1917-1986    
Columbia University    
Nobel Prize Physics 1975 as seen on the
James Rainwater - Biographical
Collective and Single-Particle Motion in the Nucleus

Henry W Newsom 1909-1978     
Neutron resonance reactions.   
Control rod system for reactors.
Please refer to the 
Henry W. Newson

John Ray Dunning 1907-1975    
PhD Columbia 1946
BA Nebraska Weslean 1929
Verified fission measurements of Hahn & Strassman.
Demonstrated that slow-neutron induced fission occurs
in 235U rather than 238U.    
Gaseous Diffusion.
William D Harkins 1873-1951  
PhD Stanford 1907  
Nuclear chemist Involved in several diverse fields of
physics and chemistry.  Suggested that the abundance
of elements in stars was a nuclear effect (1917). 
Coined the word 'neutron' which was later discovered
in 1932 by Chadwick. Built cyclotron at FermiLab which was used in neutron diffusion studies (1936).  Proposed the alpha-particle model of nuclei.
also with: Enrico Fermi 1901-1954    PhD Univ. Pisa 1922    Nobel Prize Physics 1938 as seen on the   The Nobel Prize in Physics 1938 page. George B Pegram 1876-1958
PhD Columbia 1903
BA Trinity College (predecessor of Duke)
Early measurements on 'secondary radioactivity'
(later known as fission products).;view=1up;seq=34
Many stints as Dean. Was known for enabling science at Columbia by recruiting many of the known Columbia
research faculty and providing resources.

Robert E Swain   1875-1961
PhD Yale 1904
BS Stanford 1898  
Luigi Puccianti 1875-1952    PhD Univ Pisa 1898    Spectrograph. Correlated IR spectra with molecular structure. Proposed measuring wavelength of x-rays by using a grating at large angles. Lafayette B Mendel  
PhD Yale 1893
BS Yale 1891
Biochemist studying Vitamin-A, Vitamin-B, lysine, tryptophan.  
Angelo Batelli 1862-1916    PhD Univ Turin 1884    Founded Italian Physical Society.  Measured temperatures and heat of fusion for ... Russell H Chittenden 1856-1943
PhD Yale 1880
BS Yale 1875
Physiological chemistry relating to digestion & nutrition.
Andrea Naccari 1841-1919 PhD math Univ Padva Thermoelectric properties of metals.  Photoelectric effect on metals immersed in liquids.  Electrical conductivity in gases. Wilhelm Kuekne 1837-1890
MS Goettingen 1856 Chemistry under F. Woehler
( )
MS Goettingen 1856 Physiology under R Wagner
( )
Physiology of muscle & nerves.
Chemistry of digestion.
Chemical changes in the retina under illumination.
Known for coining the word 'enzyme'.
Samuel W Johnson   MA Yale 1857
Francesco Rosseti 1833-1885 Univ Padva Electrostatics. Electrochemistry. John P Norton  
MA Yale 1846
  James FW Johnston  
(no degree) Uppsala 1833
  Jons Jakob Berzelius   Uppsala 1802
  Johann Afzelius   Uppsala 1776
  Torbern Olaf Bergman   Uppsala 1758



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