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Jeff Vanhoy

Biographical Info

Biographical Info


                Ph.D. September 1986
                Duke University & Triangle Universities Nuclear Lab, Durham, NC 27706

                Dissertation Title: "Proton Resonance Spectroscopy in 24Mg"
                Duke University, Durham, NC 27706
                with Prof. Edward G. Bilpuch (Duke) 
                and Prof. Gary E. Mitchell (NC State).

                National Summer School in Nuclear Physics, June 1986
                Georgetown University, Washington, DC 20057

                M.A. in Physics, June 1983
                Duke University, Durham, NC 27706

                B.S. with honors in Physics, December 1980
                University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742

                Undergraduate Research Project: "A Study of the Bubble Formation 
                Mechanism in a Hydrogen Bubble Chamber Using Electron and 
                Positron Tracks" with Dr. Thomas Dombeck (LANL).

        Honors  B.S. with honors 1980
                Sigma Pi Sigma (Physics Honor Society)


Work Experiences


   August 1989 - present.  Go back and look under current Research

        January 1988 - July 1989.  Research Associate, Department of Physics and 
                Astronomy, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY 40356 (with M.T. 
                McEllistrem and S.W. Yates) Implemented the upgrade for the CN Van 
                de Graaff which included modifications to the accelerating structure 
                and design and installation of klystron bunching systems.
                Experimental work involved spectroscopy utilizing inelastic neutron 
                scattering reactions (angular distributions and doppler-shift 
                attenuation lifetime measurements).  Instructed users on operation 
                of the accelerator and assisted graduate students in acquiring and 
                analyzing data.  Continued work on angular correlations for 
                fundamental symmetry experiments.

        September 1987 - December 1987   Instructor/Research Associate,  
                Physics Department, Duke University, Durham, NC 27706
                Instructor for introductory physics course.  Investigated the nuclear
                spectroscopic aspects in parity non-conservation experiments with 
                an unpolarized neutron beam and polarized targets.

        September 1986 - September 1987   Research Associate,  Triangle 
                Universities Nuclear Laboratory, Duke University, Durham, NC 27706
                Continued previous work: published dissertation work and assisted 
                rising graduate students.  Performed an additional high resolution 
                proton spectroscopy experiment needed for tests of Random Matrix 
                theories on level spacing distributions in nuclei.  Angular correlations 
                were calculated for the analysis of parity non-conservation studies 
                with resonance reactions.

        May 1982 - September 1986   Research Assistant,  Physics Department,
                                Duke University, Durham, NC 27706
                Worked with the KN Van de Graaff and FN Tandem Van de Graaff 
                accelerators to do high resolution proton spectroscopy.  Did all phases 
                of maintenance and repair in the KN Van de Graaff and some 
                maintenance inside the other two accelerators at TUNL (FN Tandem 
                and DH Van de Graaff).  Worked with the laboratory's VAX 
                computers and CAMAC interfaces to acquire and analyze data.  Areas 
                of concentration included R-Matrix analysis of proton induced 
                reactions and angular correlations.  SMP (Symbolic Manipulation 
                Program) programs were written to provide angular distribution 
                equations for reactions.

        August 1981 - May 1982   Teaching Assistant,  Physics Department, Duke 
                University, Durham, NC 27706
                Grader and laboratory instructor for basic physics courses.

        August 1980 - December 1980  Teaching Assistant,  Physics Department, 
                University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742
                Laboratory instructor for an intermediate level physics course.

        May 1980 - August 1980  Research Assistant, University of Maryland, 
                College Park, MD 20742 and Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, 
                IL 60439
                Worked on the ultracold neutron electric dipole moment project at 
                the ZING-P' accelerator.  Utilized equipment needed for production, 
                transport, storage, and detection of ultracold neutrons including high 
                vacuum systems (~ 10
 torr), a liquid hydrogen moderator, 
                neutron bottles, and associated electronics.  Developed some 
                technique for electropolishing copper and nickel surfaces.

        June 1979 - August 1979  Laborer, R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, 
                Department 97 Casing and Cutting, Winston-Salem, NC 27101
                Worked in a cigarette factory as a laborer.

        August 1977 - May 1978  Film Scanner, High Energy Physics Group, 
                University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742
                Stripped data from MWPC photographs taken in an experiment at 
                CERN to investigate phi excitations and kaon and pion production .


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