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Michael D. M. Kutzer, Ph.D.

MATLAB Toolbox for UR Manipulators


This toolbox interfaces industrial manipulators from Universal Robots with MATLAB. The toolbox allows users to interface manipulators leveraging the URX Python library . This toolbox also includes visualization tools, forward and inverse kinematics functions, Jacobians, and a URScript control approach allowing users to smoothly command UR manipulators along desired trajectories. 


  • Hardware Interface
    • Universal Robots model UR3, UR5, or UR10 manipulator with controller
    • Python v. 3.4.4
    • MATLAB R2014a or later
  • Simulation Interface
    • MATLAB R2014a or later


First Time Installation Instructions

Python Installation
  1. Download Python v. 3.4.4
  2. Run the Python installer as an administrator
  3. Use the default installation directory "C:\Python34" (assuming Windows OS)
MATLAB Installation
  1. Download URToolbox 
  2. Unzip "" (or alternate filename/version)
  3. Open MATLAB as an administrator
  4. Change your MATLAB Current Directory to the location containing contents of the unzipped URToolbox
    1. Use the "Browse to folder" icon to change the Current Directory
    2. Do not use the "Add-Ons" functionality available in later versions of MATLAB
  5. Run "installURToolbox"
URToolboxScript Installation
  1. Download WinSCP v. 5.7.7 or latest version
  2. Create an FTP connection with the UR system of interest
    1. Username: root (UR default username)
    2. Password: easybot (UR default password)
    3. Host: IP address of connected UR that can be found or changed using the following steps
      1. Power on the UR using the power button on the teach pendant
      2. From the home screen, select "Setup Robot"
      3. Select "Setup Network"
      4. Record or update the IP Address
    4. Port: 22
  3. Upload "URToolboxScript.script" from the unzipped "" directory (see above) to the "/programs" directory on the UR
    1. Depending on the UR model, the default directory when establishing the FTP connection may be "/root"
    2. The "/programs" directory can be found in the parent directory of "/root"
  4. Load the script using the teach pendant and save the compiled URP file when prompted
    1. Power on the UR using the power button on the teach pendant
    2. From the home screen, select "Program Robot"
    3. In the Use Template panel, select "Empty Program"
    4. In the Program Tree on the left side of the screen, select "<empty>"
    5. Select the "Structure" tab
    6. Select the "Advanced" tab
    7. Select "Script Code"
    8. Select the "Command" tab
    9. From the drop-down menu to the right of the screen, select "File" (the default value is typically "Line")
    10. Select "Edit"
    11. Select "Select File"
    12. Choose "URToolboxScript.script" and select "Open"
    13. Select "Save and Exit" (if available), or "Save" followed by "Exit"
    14. From the File menu, select "Save As" and save the file as "URToolbox.urp"

Update Instructions

  1. Open MATLAB as an administrator
  2. Run "URToolboxUpdate"

Download UR ToolBox 

Known Issues

  • This toolbox has not been tested with Mac or Linux OS.
  • URX class only includes feedback from the manipulator.
  • Manipulator link lengths for forward/inverse kinematics and Jacobian calculation are currently assumed due to URX Python library limitation.
    • URX Python library does not fully parse the UR real-time/MATLAB interface messages.
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