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Levi DeVries
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Fall 2014-2017

ES305 Linear Control Systems: 

ES305 is an introduction to classical control systems, which comprises the mathematical modeling, time and frequency response analysis, and design of PID compensators. Major topics include modeling physical systems, analysis of 1st and 2nd order systems, root locus, and compensator and gain design. Material is supported by a series of laboratory projects that incorporate classroom concepts to design and implement control algorithms on physical systems.

Spring 2015-2018

ES202 Introduction to Mechatronics: 

An introduction to mechatronics as a multidisciplinary topic including aspects of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, and controls. This course covers a broad range of topics including the fundamental engineering design process, applications of open and closed loop control, sensor and actuator specification, fundamental circuit design, breadboard-based electronic prototyping, functional block diagram, and sensor calibration. Digital and analog control techniques are introduced including implementation on the ARM®mbed™ platform.

STEM Outreach

2013 American Control Conference Robotics Workshop: This workshop provided an opportunity for middle and high school students to get hands on experience with robotic platforms. I worked with the students to acquaint them with robotics platforms developed and used in the University of Maryland's Collective Dynamics and Control Laboratory.

Previous Courses

ENAE301 Dynamics of Aerospace Systems, Department of Aerospace Engineering, University of Maryland, Fall 2013.

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