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Michael D. M. Kutzer, Ph.D.

MATLAB Toolbox for OptiTrack Motion Capture Hardware


This toolbox interfaces OptiTrack motion capture systems through the NatNet SDK. This toolbox allows users to create an OptiTrack object containing all pertinent information and conversions associated with objects tracked using the OptiTrack Motive (or similar) software package. This download includes an install file to create the toolbox, and add paths as needed. All toolbox functions include extensive help documentation and error checking.


  • MATLAB R2014a or later
  • Licensed version of OptiTrack Motive (or similar)
  • Windows 32-bit or 64-bit OS (NatNet SDK compatible)


  • OptiTrack Toolbox Quick Reference Guide [COMING SOON]

First Time Installation Instructions

  1. Download "" (or alternate version)
  2. Unzip ""
  3. Open MATLAB as an administrator
  4. Change your MATLAB Current Directory to the location containing contents of the unzipped OptiTrackToolbox
  5. Run "installOptiTrackToolbox"
  6. Move "OptiTrackToolbox Example SCRIPTS" to a location of your choosing (optional)

Update Instructions

  1. Open MATLAB as an administrator
  2. Run "OptiTrackToolboxUpdate"

Download ScorBot ToolBox 

Known Issues

  • This toolbox has not been tested with Mac or Linux OS. 
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