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Weapons, Robotics, and Control Engineering

RaVision: Robotics @ USNA

RA-VISION stands for Robotics and Autonomous Vehicles in Support of the Navy.  We are the United States Naval Academy's robotics group, centered in the Weapons, Robotics, and Control Engineering Department. 

Our group uses interdisciplinary techniques from dynamics, kinematics, estimation, geometry, control and image processing to address a broad variety of challenge problems including marine and aerial robotics, unmanned ground vehicles, object manipulation, human-robot interaction and computer vision.  

As part of the US Navy's only undergraduate college, one of our primary goals is to produce a generation of Naval and Marine Officers that appreciates the benefits, limitations, operational challenges and foundational principles of automation technologies.

What we do

Design Competitions: We're particularly interested in student-based design projects, especially those with operational relevance to the Navy and Marine Corps. Please read about our award winning endeavors.

Robotics Education: With a 20 year track record in undergraduate robotics education, we are leaders in robotics pedagogy. We have one of the richest sets of undergraduate course offerings in Robotics, Mechatronics, Control Systems and Image Processing.

Robotics Software: We are doing our part to contribute open source robotics software to the community, both for research and education.

Robotics Research: Even though we are an undergraduate institution, our faculty maintain active research programs in all areas of robotics. We are funded by the Office of Naval Research, PEO-IWS and the Secretary of Defense's Office.

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