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Weapons & Systems Engineering
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Honors Major - System Engineering

We are the only engineering department at the Naval Academy to offer an honors major.  The program combines more rigorous course work with an open ended research experience.  The honors designation will appear on your diploma.  More details can be found below.


Students who have selected Systems Engineering and are near the top of their class, will be invited to the Systems Engineering Honors Program at end of the 3/C year.

Course Work

The program involves taking Honors versions of three standard Systems Engineering courses (ES303H, ES304H and ES503) and one advanced technologies capstone course (ES502). The Honors Systems Engineering program is only three credits more than that standard, and does not involve overloading your schedule.

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Research Experience

Beginning in the 2/C (junior) year students undertake background research, then  write and present an in depth proposal for their research project.  During the 1/C year they work closely with a faculty mentor on a semester long research project.   Many of our students have published their work at national engineering conferences. Some sample projects appear on the Project Showcase.

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