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Women's Softball

Contact Info

Coach Roxanne photo

Roxanne Rehberg

​Coach Rehberg grew up in Southeastern Connecticut near the Groton Naval Submarine Base. A graduate of the University of Connecticut with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English Literature, Coach Rehberg played softball for the Huskies. She played starting shortstop for two years and starting pitcher her senior year. Her ERA that season was 1.417, with a .659 batting average and 23 stolen bases. She was named to the All-New England team her senior year. Coach Rehberg is married to LCDR Matthew Rehberg, JPMP in the Electrical Engineering Department at USNA. 

Photo of Erin Torrez

Team President
MIDN 1/C Erin "ET" Torrez
Erin "ET" Torrez (SS), 7th Co. Playing in 34 of 35 games in the 2017-18 season, power-hitter "ET" led the team with 5 home-runs, 14 triples, 60 RBIs and 0.981 slugging percentage. Additionally, she was the only player in the tournament to hit a home-run clearing the 220' fence during the Mid-Atlantic Regional Tournament.

Photo of Karen Sorenson

Team Vice-President
MIDN Kori Sorensen
​​Kori Sorensen (P), 17th Co. Pitching in 19 of 35 games on the season, Sorensen went 17-1, faced 454 batters, had an ERA of 1.42, striking out 120 batters while giving up only 27 walks, 93 hits, and 24 runs. Additionally, Sorensen was named the 2018 NCSA World Series MVP and broke one bat.

Photo David Mock

Team Manager
MIDN 2/c Dave Mock

​David Mock, 7th Co. David is a Quantitative Economics major with hopes of service selecting pilot upon commissioning in May 2020. David has been with the team since his plebe year as a Team Manager and Fungo Specialist. David was a standout pitcher on the Chelsea High School baseball team. He also competed for the basketball and football teams in high school. David attended Auburn University for one year before coming to the Naval Academy.​

LT Karin Ventresca​
As a former player with Navy Softball, LT Karin Ventresca is thrilled to be a part of Navy once again as the team's Officer Representative. LT Ventresca has played competitive fastpitch softball for as long as she can remember, growing up in Ketchikan, Alaska where the softball fields looked very different to those in the "lower 48" - no grass! A few highlights of her softball career include earning an Alaska State High School championship and playing on multiple Travel ball teams, particularly a California based team who played internationally in Australia and Italy. LT Ventresca attended the United States Naval Academy and graduated in 2011 as a Surface Warfare Officer - Nuclear option. LT Ventresca has served on USS Bainbridge, attended Nuclear Power School and Prototype in Charleston, SC, and completed a nuclear tour on USS Harry S Truman. She currently serves in the Training Department at USNA. 

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