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Waterfront Readiness

Small Craft Repair


The mission of the Small Craft Repair department is to provide Hull, Mechanical, and Electrical support to Yard Patrol (YP), sail, and auxiliary craft used to support the United States Naval Academy's "Excellence at Sea" programs.

Small craft repairSmall Craft Repair is a completely self sufficient organization. Our primary objective is to provide safe and reliable platforms for training midshipmen. Small Craft Repair also provides support to the fleet through reimbursable work such as refurbishment or reconfiguration of small boats. Our repair capability is comparable to the best civilian boat yards. A full service facility, Small Craft Repair does it all from engine overhaul/replacement, full fiberglass/wood repair, electronic troubleshooting and repair to the manufacturing of more than 200 sails per year.

Learn more about our different support areas:

Dive Locker

DiverThe Dive Locker is manned with military trained divers. They are an experienced group of diving professionals with an extremely diverse capability. Outfitted with only SCUBA (self contained underwater breathing apparatus) equipment, our divers complete routine underwater husbandry work, including emergency shaft packing, and bottom cleaning, as well as various security searches and pier surveys. As the only dive locker in the area, Small Craft Repair divers provide a valuable service to the fleet by conducting re-qualification dives for Navy divers stationed in and around the Naval District Washington area.

Electrical Division

Electrical DivisionElectronics Technicians (ET), Electricians Mates (EM) and Interior Communications Electricians (IC) work hand-in-hand with their civilian counterparts performing preventive and corrective maintenance on electrical/electronic systems. Acting as owners/operators for most of the crafts they service, E-division is truly unique in nature. The uniqueness is in the type and amount of platforms they maintain and the types of repairs accomplished. From the twenty-one,108 ft Yard Patrol (YP) craft to the "Navy 44" sailing sloops, E-Division is responsible for the repair, installation, testing and alignment of generators, radars, communications, navigation equipment, lighting circuits and battery charging/maintenance.

Electrical Division

Ship Superintendent

Responsible for the coordination of repair production of 19 shops, 21 Yard Patrol craft, 70 sail training craft and various auxiliary craft. Jobs are implemented through the various departments and are screened by the Ship Superintendents who submit approved jobs to the individual workcenter planners. Ship Superintendents provide hands-on tracking of each job at the job site and are the medium for conflict resolution between workers and customers. They also provide tracking for special projects, mini-availabilities and dry dockings. After the job is completed the Ship Superintendent ensures that all parties have signed off on the completion of the job and that all quality assurance level work is properly documented. A history file is kept on jobs completed and is also maintained by the Ship Superintendent's office. The Ship Superintendent is responsible for screening and tracking approximately 15,000 jobs per year.

Small Craft Repair Department Administration

Comprised of Small Craft Repair’s Leading Chief Petty Officer and the Departments Head’s yeoman. The administration office is primarily responsible for the day-to-day scheduling of Small Craft activities and official correspondence from the Department Head. Pertinent naval instructions and notices are maintained by the Administration Office. All matters relating to personnel (evals, special request chits, qualifications ETC…) are routed through the Leading Chief Petty Officer

Hull Division

Hull divisionThe men and women, both military and civilian who work in Hull Division are experienced and skilled in a number of trades. Trades they use daily for maintaining the fleet of over 150 training vessels used by the United States Naval Academy midshipmen. Hull Division is comprised of four separate work centers, often working together to accomplish one mission. Our most significant work comes from the 21 Yard Patrol craft, seen year round operating on the Severn River. These 108-foot wooden training vessels require routine inspections and often require significant structural repairs.Hull Division is responsible for ensuring the Yard Patrol craft, as well as the other 100 plus sail training craft and utility boats, are safe to go to sea. Here's how the shops breakdown:

Men repairing boatThe Pipe/Weld Shop is an integration of experienced civilian pipefitters and Navy trained Hull Technicians (HT). These men and women maintain various piping systems aboard all the vessels. They make the necessary repairs and piping replacements to keep the vessels operational and comfortable. There is very little that can't be fabricated or repaired in this shop. 

For large wooden structural repair jobs and interior decking installation, our skilled carpenters are put to the challenge. The Carpenter Shop repairs damaged or deteriorated hull planking, cap-rails and countless wooden structures aboard the Yard Patrol crafts. Additionally, this group surveys the bottom for damage, deterioration and for needed repairs. They are instrumental in working with the Hanger Shop to successfully and safely accomplish all Yard Patrol craft hauls. 

The professionals who work in the Hanger Shop, are extremely skilled boat builders. Experienced in woodworking, these workers have been known to make custom cabinets and planking to installing teak decks. They also make the necessary fiberglass repairs to over 100 sail craft before the vessels make it to the Paint Shop. This group is also responsible for operating the 250-ton and 70-ton travel lifts for hauling the Yard Patrol crafts and 44-foot sail boats. 

The Paint Shop is responsible for the paint and preservation of all waterborne craft. They also produce the most visible results of our finished product. There's nothing quite like the picture of the sun reflecting off the hull of a navy blue, 44 foot sailboat adorned with gold letters and striping fresh out of the paint bay.

Machinery Division

Machinery DivisionThe Machinery Division is the strongback of the department. The division is comprised of Marine Machinist Mechanics, Enginemen and Machinery Repairmen. They provide the maintenance and repair of all diesel engines and associated equipment, air conditioning and refrigeration plants. In addition, the Machinery Repair Shop provides engraving and machinery repair services. The equipment being maintained is critical to the education and development of midshipmen so each mechanic is required to be both mechanically and operationally knowledgeable about each piece of equipment and how its operation affects the rest of the platform. These are the men and women who propel Small Craft Repair Department

Mechanics working on engine

Sail Loft

Sail loftThe Sail Loft is the one true sail manufacturing loft in the Navy, manufacturing over 200 sails a year for the Naval Academy's fleet of sailcraft. Sails for everything from large 60-foot sail training craft to Navy 44s to dinghies are manufactured in our modern state of the art sail loft. Besides making sails, the loft manufactures canvas covers, and cushions for both the sail boats and YPs. Special jobs including half time displays for the Army/Navy game and banners are also done. 

The Rigging Shop is responsible for maintaining and manufacturing running and standing rigging on the YPs and sailcraft. Because of the different types of boats at the Naval Academy, the riggers must be able to work with a wide variety of wires and ropes. Besides manufacturing rigging, the Rigging Shop is also responsible for crane operations.

Information Technology Services Division

Information Technology Services Division of the Small Craft Repair Department is located in Building 198. We provide hardware/software computer and peripheral support. Additionally, our staff works in cooperation with USNA Information Technologies to provide network/telecommunication assistance, computer security training/reporting and a variety of applications suite training and seat management. We also provide help desk and general systems maintenance requirements. 

Our active participation in USNA's Life Cycle Management Program has provided a continuing upgrade of network and computer equipment.

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