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Naval Academy Women's Network
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About the Network

The Naval Academy Women's Network was established in 2013 as an all-volunteer mentorship program to promote the retention of officer women on Active Duty in Unrestricted Line communities. Through a variety of experiences, the Network cultivates mentorship, sponsorship, and allyship among Midshipmen, officers, and alumni to equip Midshipmen to navigate their careers as leaders and reinforce a climate of mutual respect across gender. Since inception, the Network experienced rapid growth and transformation. In an effort to mitigate gaps that exist in the Fleet for women officers, the Network began as a grassroots effort to connect women Midshipmen to women leaders on the Yard. Within the first two years, the program evolved into a series of unique opportunities for Midshipmen to maximize perspective and connect with mentors, sponsors, and allies across gender. 

Through both formal and informal approaches, our expansive network provides access to a diverse team of officers and alumni allowing mentorships to form organically and Midshipmen to build a constellation of mentors prior to commissioning. Though formed while at the Academy, these relationships endure beyond graduation and into the Fleet and Marine Corps.

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