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Navy Women's Rugby

Notable Alumni: Sharing the Legacy

Each of our Naval Academy alumni makes a mark on the world in his or her own way. Furthermore, those women who graduate after participating in the culture that is Navy Women’s Rugby are successful in every profession imaginable whether that be in their military careers or beyond. Here are just some of our many prominent alumni and their accomplishments:

Jane Parr (2012) was awarded a professional contract by USA Rugby to live and train at the United States Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, CA. She competed for a slot at the 7s Rugby World Cup and also for a spot on the US Olympic Roster for 2016.
Erika Pedersen (2014) and Kacey Liscomb (2014) have been selected to be on a US Developmental squad.
Erika Pedersen (2014), Kacey Liscomb (2014), and Taylor Lovelace (2015) were all named as part of the All-Tournament Team at the National Championships in December 2012, where we placed second in the nation.
Meagan Verney, now Meagan Flannigan, (2002) was featured in the documentary “Speed and Angels” about two aspiring Naval Aviators.
USA Rugby All-American
2014: Erika Pederson (‘14). Sierra Snapp (‘16)
2012: Jane Paar (‘12), Jenn Sandifer (‘12)
2011: Jenn Sandifer (‘12)
2010: Dani (Cicuto) Kulp (‘10), Chas Dunnaville (‘10), Elizabeth Trujillo (‘10)
2009: Marianne Sparklin (‘09), Elizabeth Trujillo
2008: Michelle Akins (‘08), Pia Chapman (‘08), Bre Strand (‘08), Dianna Zempel (‘08), Elizabeth Trujillo (‘10)
2006: Laura Okruhlik (‘06), Crystal Serrano (‘06), Jessica Heckman (‘07)
2005: Katie Ball ('05), Jami Gann ('05)
2004: Bridget Seymour ('04), Annie Cox ('04), Jami Gann ('05), Crystal Serrano ('06)
2003: Tracy Klopp (‘03)
2002: Meagan (Varley) Flannigan ('02), Christina Evans ('03), Tracy Klopp ('03)
2001: Kathy Borkoski ('01), Elizabeth Simmons ('01), Jennifer (Suellentrop) Brokaw ('01)
2000: Kim Kesselman ('00), Kathy Borkoski ('01), Elizabeth Simmons ('01), Jennifer (Suellentrop) Brokaw ('01)

Have a noteworthy accomplishment or know someone who does? Well, let us know! Please email with anything you want to share!

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