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Navy Women's Rugby

Everything You Need To Know

Love the legacy. Not simply a motto, but rather a way of life for Navy Women's Rugby. Home or away, alumni can be seen on the  sidelines cheering on the women that strive to live up to what has been set before them. Every woman that steps on the pitch understands the sacrifices that must be made. The mission: setting up a future where young women can step on the pitch and leave everything behind; building a family. Our mission is to score ruthlessly, demolish opponents, and win national titles. The legacy is simple - give your all for the women to your left and right, just as the women before you have. We understand that the name on the front of our jersey is far more important than our own. Rugby is a game of pain. In every play, each player must have 100% mental discipline, be prepared to strike and make split second decisions. Teammates throw their bodies in front of the opposition in order to protect our own. We are students of the game and masters of our own destiny.

  • Hold each other accountable on and off the field and never allow the name of the team to be tainted in any way.
  • Be proud  of who you are and what you accomplish.
  • Respect each other, those from the past and those still to come.
  • Choose daily to be positive and uplifting, honest, humble, and held accountable for our actions.

The Progression...

The story of Navy Women's Rugby begins at the end of the 1995 academic year. Julie Maynard ('96), approached Major Thomas Edwards (USMC '77) about coaching the inaugural women's team. Captain Martinez, USN, the ranking female on the Yard became the Officer Representative for the team. Having gained the proper coaching and officer support, the team joined the Virginia Rugby Union as a provisional member and came together during the first semester of the 1996 academic year.

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