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Yoga Club

Yoga Instructors

Here are all of our wonderful instructors that teach our yoga sessions throughout the year.  They can be found throughout the Brigade and are involved with many different events around the yard.  Click on a tab and learn more about our instructors!
Christian Forbush

Christian, how did you get started in to yoga?

"My mom introduced me when I was little, when she started teaching near my house in Colorado. She got her certification, and before long she steered me away from the typical stereotypes: that yoga "is only for women," or it's "basically just stretching" and "doesn't require strength/make you stronger." She taught me that, in fact, yoga is for literally everyone (I've seen quadruple amputees do yoga), and it can make you stronger and even make you excel in sports you were already good at. Beyond the physical benefits, you'll get something spiritual out of yoga too if you're looking for that. Just like the physical benefits, the spiritual ones are universal. The guided meditation and practices of quieting the mind can be used whether you're a Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Jew, Mormon, etc."

Christian, what is your favorite type of yoga?

"I primarily practice Vinyasa yoga, which consists primarily of a coupling of breathing and movement. Basically, that just means that every movement is done on either an inhale or an exhale, so there are two movements per full breath. I enjoy this because it forces me to slow my breathing in order to focus on the movement of each joint and muscle, and overall makes me more aware of how my body moves and responds to changes."

Cara Rathmell

Cara, what got you started in to yoga?

"I became interested in yoga since it was similar to dance, which I did from age 3 through high school. I eventually realized that yoga offered a lot more than an opportunity to stretch, though. I have been practicing on and off for a while, but I have made more of a routine of it over the past couple years."

Cara, what is your favorite type of yoga?


Greg Kelly

Greg, what got you started in to yoga?

"I started back home with a strength and conditioning coach of mine. Her girlfriend taught yoga, and she got me going to classes pretty often."

Greg, what is your favorite type of yoga?

"Dang. I didn't even know there were different types of yoga. Guess that's why I'm the intro class teach."

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