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Yoga Club

Movement Orders

Yoga Hike DC

Yoga Hike DC

Spend a morning hiking trails and stopping along the way to relax with some awesome yoga poses.  The hikes are led by professional yoga instructors, not just mids, so be prepared for an awesome time!!

Be on the lookout for an email regarding this MO.

Yoga Factory- HOT YOGA

Spend 90 minutes in a heated room with some of your closest friends at the Yoga Factory Annapolis! This is called Bikram yoga, and you'll need some extra hydration for this one.

Be on the lookout for an email regarding this movement order.

Yoga for Sports Teams
Calling all captains of sports team! Our yoga instructors here at USNA would love to teach your teammates about the benefits of doing yoga for your sports performances.  Please contact one of our instructors if you wish to have the yoga club lead your team to victory through the use of yoga!
Paddle board Yoga

Have you ever wanted to be a tranquil person that floats around on a paddle board at sunset?  What if you added some yoga to that? Well we have the perfect movement order for you!

Look for an email about paddle board yoga later in the spring when the weather warms up. 

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